Installation Procedure

Please don't worry excessively about the installation, we have organized all the steps for you into four major steps:

1.Remove some interior panels and the central control screen to find the OBD socket and the positive pole of the car's front power supply.

2.Remove the front protective cover of the steering wheel and the gear cover on the hood, thread the power cable through the gap on the right fender, and connect the red positive pole and black negative pole to the positive pole of the car's front power supply and the car body ground seat.

3.Connect the main instrument with the connecting cable in the correct direction, operate the functions such as light detection, and install it in the position of the removed front protective cover. Finally, install the skirt belt removed from the front protective cover onto the instrument.

4.Use insulating tape to fix and stick the wires, then install the central control panel, left and right side panels, right door frame plastic panel, and right door frame seal strip back.

At the same time we provide you with professional installation guidance and detailed step-by-step instructions, usually you can spend 15 minutes at home to complete the installation. You can contact us with any questions you may have: