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7-inch rear entertainment screen for Tesla model 3/Y

$612.00 $367.00 Save 40%

Designed for you and your family, our rear entertainment screen will be an effective way for your family to pass the long hours in the Tesla, especially your kids will enjoy it very much.

Entertainment features: Connect to WiFi to use.Support CarPlay & Android Auto and various APPs; play games, watch movies, listen to music all while driving. (We will install Netflix and Youtube App for you before the order is sent out)

Add: The audio playback of the device can choose Tesla original audio or connect your Bluetooth headphones to play.(Now upgraded to include its own speakers)

Easy to adjust: Combined with the experience of Tesla owners over the years, our rear entertainment screen allows rear passengers to control the air conditioning, passenger seat, car audio, seat heating and other common functions by themselves.


  • Unique Design-This Rear Touch Screen is specially designed for Tesla Model Y 2020+ and Model 3 2017+, compatible with both Tesla with Intel chips as well as the new AMD chips
  • Anti-fingerprint Display Screen - The rear seat entertainment screen adopts a high-definition IPS full-view touch screen and fully adapts to anti-fingerprint technology
  • Android System - Support the Android 11 operating system and Wifi; you can download and use the apps you love from Google Play Store!
  • Day & Night Mode - Everytime the headlights are turned on, the day mode automatically switches to the night mode interface
  • Climate Control Center - This Model 3/Y Touchscreen integrates seamlessly with the Tesla OBD port and provides not only entertainment for rear seat passengers but also allows them to control various aspects of your Tesla, such as Temperature control/ Wind Speed control/ Sound volume control / Rear Heated control, etc.
  • Non-destructive / Plug & Play installation - This rear seat climate control touchscreen does not need to drill and the interior of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y will not be damaged during the installation process.

Many more advantages:

  •  Installation does not affect the Tesla warranty after-sales service
  • 100% fit the original car interior design, leaving no gap
  • Material made by ABS+PC, 1280*800 resolution ratio,32G memory
  • Simple installation, no need for car maintenance expertise, 15 minutes to complete the installation
  • Support wireless Apple Car Play & Android Auto
  • Control the main display for volume (up/down) and play / pause
  • A/C climate control & Wind speed adjustment 
  • Support Plug and play with USB disk and TF card

Real Installation Effect:

Check out what YouTube bloggers have to say:

Car Model: Available for Model 3 and Y
Car production year: 2017-2019
Car Model: Available for Model 3 and Y
Car production year: 2017-2019