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3.54-inch IPS dashboard display for Model 3 and Model Y

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There detailed streamline on how to implement this module onto Tesla, only 15 minutes needed to start to enjoy the enhanced driving experience with your lovely Tesla.  

This 3.54 inch round dashboard brings you:

1. More safe driving; with easy to monitor driving info, you do not need to withdraw your eyes front to Tesla main dash, avoid potential risk;
2.More convenient driving: As auxiliary dash display, more obvious driving info are displayed, that you can always check them;
3.Better interior feeling: Tesla Minimalist good, but if you once a fuel vehicle driver, a traditional dashboard in front make you feel good and safe.

Good UI design:

  • Support multiple contents of the original vehicle: Automatically synchronize the original vehicle's central control screen information, such as power, gear, speed, mileage, seat belt reminder, speed limit warning, tire pressure abnormal warning, etc.
  • Support 4 kinds of color switch display, support day mode and night mode display. The screen brightness will automatically adjust according to the environment.
  • In the case of assisted driving, there will be a reminder that both hands have left the steering wheel

Compatibility and easy to implement:

  • Compatible with Model 3 /Model Y, compatible with CPU AMD/Intel;
  • Easy to install in 15 minutes. Detail install guidance below for your checking.
  • Control/ Set with Tesla steering Wheel. Detailed setting guide/explanation with paper manual
  • Implement&setting tech support:

Detailed Installation

This 3.54 inch around dashboard is installed on the front surface, compares to dashboard design that installed on Steering wheel, this product installation much more easier, no need to replace the Steering wheel case, the cables be routed under the front surface. You can easily completed the installation within 15 minutes.

Car Model: Model 3
Car CPU Version: Car Production Year
Car Model: Model 3
Car CPU Version: Car Production Year